More Photos More Photos Taylor-Made. Spacious Production Box. 44673984 Taylor-Made. The Disembodied Witch. 44673985 Taylor-Made. 'Aga' Levitation thro' Stage. 44673986 Magic Chopping Sword. A fascinating illusion of a Fakir cutting head off snake. Looks like the sword chops through the metal. 44673987 Travel Boxes for Canary thro' Mirror Large padded box for Mirror, and smaller box for mahogany box with canary cage. 44673988 Taylor-Made Version of Canary thro' Mirror. Taylor Made for Canary thro' Mirror into Cage inside Locked mahogany style Box at rear. 44673989 The Mahogany Box and Cage. Taylor-Made Cage, with Box designed by Granville Taylor, and made by "Marco". 44673990 Canary Cage. Canary cage removed from Locked Box. 44673991