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Candid Comments. Unsolicited Testimonials.

"Having has such fun with your "Find the Lady" effect, I should be grateful if you could send me another two."  Arthur MacTier. (Leamington Spa).

"Many thanks for the opportunity to purchase these items.  As a collector of programmes and memorabilia pertaining to all the great performers of this century, I was particularly delighted to be able to obtain what is unique material relating to yourself and your shows."  Dr.David Booth.  (Stocksfield).

"What a wonderful way to present a scrapbook for a wider audience."  John Fisher.  (London).

"The tapes are fascinating.  It was a great idea of yours to make them available.  (Lucille Lyle Letters on audio tapes).  John Davenport.  (Leicester).

"Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.  How thrilled I am with everything you sent.  I'm enjoying your video tape very much."  Ken Klosterman.  (Ohio, U.S.A.).

"Please reserve one copy of the tape and VHS video as advertised."  Phil Temple.  (Novato, California, U.S.A.).

"Congratulations on the Lyle tapes based on Lucille's letters to you.  Your reading of them was particularly noteworthy, while the comments I found fascinating."  Dr.Edwin. A. Dawes.  (Anlaby, Hull).

"I finally got a chance to see your wonderful video last week.  It was great to see all those historical pieces and hear where they came from.  I was impressed by how big your collection of illusions are, and how well kept they are.  Congratulations again on such a great tape."  John Gaughan.  (Los Angeles, U.S.A.).

"The Liberty Pull is brilliant.  I love the setting device and the fact that you don't have to stuff the silk into the closed fist as with the conventional pull.  You wave an open hand and see the silk right up to the second it vanishes.  Great!  Stephen Strong.  (Plymouth).

"Please send me a copy of your latest publication "Wonders Never Ceased".  Your tapes of the Lucille Lyle letters are excellent.  I have spent many happy hours travelling in my car listening to them."  Peter Lane.  (Ickenham).

"Many thanks for the book  - splendid.  There's a wealth of information within, which I am finding most interesting and valuable.  Dr.Edwin A. Dawes.  (Anlaby, Hull).

"Your Rising Wands are great;  beautifully made.  'Martin' would have been delighted with them.  Peter Nicol.  (Aboyne, Scotland).

"Your Rubber-Band Snapper is beautifully made, and still fools 'em.  Phil Temple.  (Novato, California, U.S.A.).

"Thank you for the 'Martin' replica pen.  Your craftsmanship is exquisite;  classical work, matching the great magical mechanics of yesteryear.  Wonderful!"  Steve Cook.  (Grimsby).

"Your Squaring the Circle is a beautiful prop, and how nostalgic it is to perform with a prop that helped spark my life-long love for Magic, when I first saw Cecil Lyle perform it in his "Cavalcade of Mystery".  Thanks"  Ivor Cole.  (London).

"Thank you so much for the 'Martin' type note in the pen.  It is truly first-class, very well made, and works like a dream...... so smooth and easy.....what more can one say other than highly recommended."  Professor Guy Higgins.  (Malvern).

"Good to see this lovely 'prop' is available again, especially for close-up.  Well done!"  (The Sand Wand).  Steve Cook.  (Grimsby).

"Thanks for your book "Wonders Never Ceased".  I can't put it down, and I have read it from cover to cover twice so far!"  Brian Wright.  (Fareham).



Rubber-Band "Snapper"

The Taylor-Made Rubber-Band "Snapper", made from'dural', and showing one end unscrewed for replacing rubber-band whenever it has perished.  Made to last a lifetime. One only remaining for sale.  PRICE:  £30.00 plus £2.00 postage.

Moi-Yo Miller. Dante's Leading Lady.

Moi-yo Miller  (Moi-yo Montes).  The First Lady of Magic.  Photographed.... where else..... but Hollywood!