Maker of High-Quality Magical Equipment

Lyle's "FIND THE LADY" Poster.

"Find the Lady" was invented by "Amac".


Positively the Most Amazing Illusion Ever Conceived.

This poster has been sold.

Granville Taylor (Faust the Magician) owns Amac's original equipment and sole performing rights throughout the world for "Find the Lady" since 1960.


Faust's Office/Memorabilia Room.

View from Office thro' doorway into Workshop, prior to selling all my stage costumes and posters.


Granville Taylor in Memorabilia Room.

A corner of the attic office/memorabilia room in 2009, with some items still for sale.

Jack Hughes Dove Basket.

Jack Hughes Dove Basket.  Faust waved his cloak in fron of this basket held by an assistant and a dove appeared.  Repeated for appearance of the second dove.  Alternatively, use a cloth instead.  In a Taylor-Made "scrimmed" wood travel box.  £70.  SOLD.

Smoking the Thumb.

Smoking the Thumb gimmick.  Taylor-Made.  Brass.   £25. SOLD.

Granville Theatre, Ramsgate. Summer Season 1967.

Playing here, allowed Faust to visit the Master Magical Mechanic, Martin,  in London, twice during the season, to order and then collect the Martin Holdout.

Faust's 'flyer' for his presentation of De Biere's Act.

Appearing Bird Cages.  Vanishing Birdcage (with coat removal).  The Egg-Bag.  Billiard Ball Manipulations.     The Thumb-Tie.  20-minutes of high-calibre magic.

John Martin Prediction Silver Pocket Watch



This is a very rare, if not unique, solid silver Prediction Pocket Watch, made by the late John Martin, the Master Magical Mechanic.  Much later it became part of Peter Nicol's Collection of rare Martin items. Peter showed me the watch a long time ago, and neither of us knew how it worked.  By removing the back of the watch and examining the mechanism, eventually I managed to find out how it worked.  The watch can be examined without the secret being discovered, nor the method in using it to predict any chosen time. Peter knew that I would be very interested in buying it should he decide to sell, and I was delighted to buy the watch from Peter in February 2011.