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View of Woodwork Corner in Attic Workshop.

Woodwork bench, and "Dante" corner photographs.

N.B.  Laurel & Hardy photograph over bench.  Granville Taylor saw them "live" at Manchester Hippodrome in the early 1950's.   Memorable!

The Taylor-Made Magic Attic Workshop.

Granville Taylor (Faust the Magician) has a fully equipped workshop in his attic, in the room next to his office and memorabilia room, on the top floor of his home.  A vast array of tools and machinery for working in wood and metal, and storage space for the hundreds of boxes of small tricks. 

One wall of his office was stacked from floor to ceiling with wardrobe trunks, and costume trunks.  Some costumes were sold to individual buyers in the U.K., Germany, and the U.S.A.  The rest were sold as one lot to a theatrical organisation in the U.K. together with black velvet drapes and three aniline dye scenic cloths that were made and painted at the Kabuki Theatre Studios in Tokyo.  An annexe to the workshop was packed with more boxes of tricks and stage equipment. 

 The illusions for his show, which filled a 40-ft container, were stored in a building on a farm in the area, close to Pendle Hill, appropriately, famous for The Lancashire Witches!  Entire contents sold to a buyer in Spain. Tricks and illusion still for sale can be seen listed, with photographs and prices, on www.taylormademagic.co.uk  

 If you are lucky enough to be invited into this "Aladdin's Cave", on the long corridor you will see all the posters, framed, from his tours of the Far East, and, on the stairway up to the attic, framed photographs of the famous magicians he either worked with as an assistant, or were his idols in magic, or whose famous tricks and illusions he owns the sole performing rights.  Many photographs are those of magicians he saw as a boy at his local Variety theatres in Burnley, Nelson and Accrington.

Memorabilia on Stairway up to the Attic Workshop.

Posters of Murray and The Great Lyle, two Masters of Magic who taught Granville Taylor the running and organisation of a big Magic Show with a large company of assistants.   Most modern day illusionists do not know how to use lots of assistants in a stage presentation, because they are accustomed to using just one or two in presenting an illusion on television.  They did not learn the art of stage presentation through touring in Variety theatres, and gradually building up a big show. 

Framed posters of Murray and The Great Lyle have been sold. 

Above are 'blow-ups' of Valerie as "The Queen of Hearts", and Granville Taylor & Valerie presenting Amac's three card illusion, "Find the Lady".

Hobby's A1 Treadle Fret-Saw

The Attic Workshop Annexe.

Lyle's Blackamoor figure, Dragon Cut-Out, and one of three panels for the side of  the Steel Spike illusion cabinet, all in store in the attic annexe.

The Taylor-Made Pagoda of Flowers Production.

"Wunda-Villa" style, on special table, for a huge Flower Production, including two huge bouquets twice the length of the mauve cylinder.  All the flowers were specially made by "Waldron" to resemble red roses. The Wunda-Villa has been SOLD.  Six 9-bloom feather flowers to resemble real roses are for sale at £125.00 plus postage. SOLD.

Okito type Duck Production Box.

Duck Production Box, built for Granville Taylor through Max Andrews (Vampire) Studios in the early 1950's, and made by Gil Leaney.  Subsequently improved and re-painted by Granville Taylor in his favourite colours for stage equipment.  The low table, and all the sides of the box, are built up in front of the audience, and then the ducks appear when the lid and the front of the box are removed. Can also be used to produce doves or rabbits.  For Sale.  £100.


MAGIC TRICKS FOR SALE, mostly in "scrimmed" wooden boxes.  Shown here in the middle of Granville Taylor's attic workshop.

See list with prices on the Home page of www.taylormademagic.co.uk