Maker of High-Quality Magical Equipment

More Martin items.  A Martin Wrist Reel.  £400.

Martin Reel for Martin Waterfall Deck, with special cards.  £400.

   A John  Martin reel with the Martin Waterfall Deck of cards.  

                                                                          With instructions for use.  Now in a Taylor-Made "scrimmed" wooden, felt-lined box.  £400.

A Machined Drawing Pin by John Martin

A machined brass drawing pin made by John Martin for the Card on Ceiling, for the routine by J.C.Wagner which also uses a borrowed fiver or a dollar bill.  Deck is thrown to the ceiling, and the chosen card and bill remain pinned to the ceiling.  Complete with routine by J.C.Wagner.  £30.


Martin Feke for Torn & Restored Paper Strip.

A Feke made by in nickel silver by John Martin for the Torn & Restore Paper Strip.  £450. In a "scrimmed" wooden box, Taylor-Made.

A Pair of 2" Martin Rings & Fekes

               A Pair of 2"  Rings and two Fekes made by John Martin for the stage presentation of the "RING OFF WALKING STICK".  With instructions for two routines:  One routine as originally performed by Graham Adams, and another routine devised and performed by Faust the Magician. £200.




A Martin Undernail Writer

                                   A John Martin Undernail Writer with spare black pencil lead refills.  £40.


A Martin Ring Pull.

                      "Flying Ring" reel made by John Martin.  In a Taylor-Made "scrimmed" felt-lined wooden box.  £750.



Martin Whisky from Barrel Feke.

     A comedy routine in which a drawing of a whisky barrel is shown.  This spigot is inserted into the drawing, the tap is turned, and whisky flows to fill a large glass tumbler.  In a Taylor-Made "scrimmed", thick felt-lined wooden box.  £60.